Linshang LS162 Portable Transmission Meter for solar film

A coat thickness gauge (also known as a paint meter) can be used to quantify dry film thickness. Dry film thickness is most likely the most crucial dimension in the coatings sector due to its influence on the coat procedure, quality and price. Dry film thickness dimensions may be employed to assess a coat’s potential life, the product’s look and functionality, and ensure compliance with a bunch of International Standards.

The way to quantify Dry Film Thickness

Dry film thickness (DFT) can be transmission meter using two techniques: harmful thickness dimension, where the coat is cut into the substrate by means of a filler; and non-destructive coating thickness dimension, using techniques that do not harm the coating or the substrate like magnetic, magnetic induction and eddy current thickness measurement procedures.

The non-destructive coating thickness measurements could be obtained on either magnetic steel surfaces or non-magnetic metallic surfaces like stainless steel or aluminum. Electromagnetic induction is utilized for non-magnetic coatings on ferrous substrates like steel, although the eddy current principle is utilized for jelqing coatings on non-ferrous metallic substrates.

Elcometer supplies a vast assortment of coating thickness gauges to quantify dry film thickness.The paint review indicator, popularly called the P.I.G, is a favorite way of discovering dry film thicknesses on non-metallic substrates.

The Elcometer assortment of non-destructive coating thickness gauges includes mechanical and electronic coating thickness gauges, convenient for dry picture testing, complete with a broad variety of probes and calibration foils to fit your program.

The Elcometer assortment of mechanical coating depth gauges supplies cheap dry film thickness dimension. Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauges are acceptable for working in high risk areas like high temperature or flammable atmospheres, submerged or at which the chance of burst is high and may be triggered by using a digital device.

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